Séminaire PSITEC : Prof Dr. Gizem Hülür (Université de Bonn, Allemagne) - un vieillissement en bonne santé.

Séminaire Doctorants
Salle A4.122

Dans le cadre des séminaires du laboratoire Psitec, nous invitons le Prof Dr. Gizem Hülür de l'Université de Bonn - Allemagne, qui présentera ses recherches sur le vieillissement

Titre : Individual Differences in Aging: From Long-Term Trajectories to Short-Term Dynamics

Résumé : Human development unfolds over different time scales. In this talk, I will present my research program focusing on developmental processes taking place at different levels of analysis, from differences between birth-year cohorts that manifest across decades, to macro-longitudinal developments that take place across several years, and micro-longitudinal processes observed in daily life. I will take a closer look at cognitive and psychosocial function across the lifespan with a focus on old age. First, focusing on the role of the socio-historical context of aging, I will address how cognitive and psychosocial functions have changed in recent decades and how aging today differs from aging in previous historical periods. Second, I will talk about typical changes individuals experience in cognitive functioning when growing old and getting closer to death, how they subjectively perceive these changes, and the role of protective and risk factors. Third, I will talk about how these changes are related to day-to-day experiences of older adults. In particular, I will present a project focusing on the implications of digitalization on the social lives of older adults and how this is impacting cognitive outcomes and well-being in current older adults and in generations to come. Finally, I will highlight open questions for future inquiry and implications for healthy aging.

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