Séminaire Extra doctorants PSITEC - sur la Synchronisation Rythmique et les Interactions Sociales

Séminaire Doctorants
Salle A4.122

Séminaire en hybride

Séminaire présenté par

  • Mattia Rosso is a PhD student from Gent University (IPEM) in co-tutelle with University of Lille (PSITEC laboratory), under the joint supervision of Professors Marc Leman, Pieter-Jan Maes and Séverine Samson. His research focuses on the behavioural and neural dynamics underlying interpersonal coordination, and entrainment to dynamic environmental rhythms.
  • Andres is a PhD student at the University of Lille under the supervision of Pr. Séverine Samson (PSITEC laboratory), Pr. François Puisieux (CHU de Lille), and Dr. Lise Hobeika (PSITEC laboratory). In his PhD, he studies how rhythm perception and production are influenced by age and by neurocognitive disorders/dementia.
  • Antoine is a PhD student in psychology at the University of Lille under the supervision of Dr. Delphine Dellacherie and Pr. Séverine Samson (PSITEC laboratory) and at the University of Montreal under the supervision of Pr. Simone Dalla Bella (BRAMS laboratory). As part of his PhD, he is studying implicit and explicit rhythmic abilities in children.

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