Conférencier invité : Ayse Altan-Atalay (University Istanbul)

Séminaire Doctorants
Salle A4.122

Dans le cadre des séminaires du laboratoire Psitec, Ayse Altan-Atalay, Professor (Associate) PhD, Kadir Has University Istanbul -  KHU Department of Psychology, présentera ses recherches lors d'une conférence ouverte à toutes et tous en salle A4.122

Titre : Looming Cognitive Style: Studies on an Anxiety Specific Cognitive Vulnerability Factor

Résumé : The “looming vulnerability” model of anxiety proposes that individuals who are cognitively vulnerable to anxiety possess the “looming cognitive style” (LCS), which is a trait like negative cognitive style. Such “looming vulnerable” individuals tend to run simulation models through their mind’s “eye” in which they perceive and mentally calculate a spectrum of mentally simulated threats —social rejection, accidents, heart attacks, disease contamination — that are rapidly growing, approaching, and rising in urgency, even when they aren’t really exposed to a threatening situation. Research from the past two decades consistently indicated LCS to have significant specific associations with anxiety disorder, in addition to less robust correlations with depression. This seminar will cover a series of studies on the role of LCS in anxiety through focusing on its associations and interactions with various transdiagnostic risk factors and protective factors.

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